Largesse Universal

Innovative Global Iniciative

 Come together, Here

Climate Change is at its worst ever in history. It is almost too late to reverse the affects. If we can not change the climate, it is up to us to adapt to it. The time to come together is  now, and here is the place. Join us, become a member now $100.00 USD and Prepare for Every Climate Ahead.

Purpose of Largesse Universal


To become a  member of Largesse Universal there will be a cost of $100.00 USD.  Half of the membership will be the directly donated to the cause. The remainder will be used for operations and development of chapters.  Description in the "Way Forward"  link.  Members are privy to contracts provided by Brandmade L.L.C. 

Contracts are Fulfillment to Executive Level Management.  Some contracts consist of travel while other are simple find and fulfill contractual agreements .

  Largesse Universal Requests 20% of completed contract to be gifted to Largesse Universal as a tax-write off.